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Hello, I'm Jordan Babineaux.

I spent nearly a decade playing professional football in the NFL after a DII college football career. Leaving the world where I spent so much energy trying to attain was a pivotal moment in my life. I went from the highest achievement in a sports career to navigating life’s emotional and psychological transition after sports.

Change is challenging, even if we prepare for it.

It didn’t stop me from pursuing other ventures, and I was still hungry for more. But I had to redefine success. It was no longer putting on a jersey, making big plays, or tackling Tony Romo before running into the endzone.

At the same time, I was eager to grow in my leadership capabilities, increase my business acumen, and find purpose-filling activities to contribute to humanity beyond my athletic ability. So, I went back to school, wrote a book, and started a personal development journey. It’s led me here with you.

Today, I help achievers think like an athlete to raise their performance.

We all want something better – a better lifestyle, better income, better relationships, better understanding of our contribution to life.

With nearly two decades of seeing, experiencing, and understanding the ever-changing landscape of professional sports, I translate the success attributes into helping achievers develop their leadership styles and drive performance.

I approach improvement by helping clients understand their personality – the characteristics necessary for career success and how they might perform under pressure. The outcome is to discuss specific behaviors that may enhance work performance collaboratively.

Jordan is Hogan certified and a Certified Professional Coach (CPC). He graduated from Seattle University in 2021 with an Executive MBA and holds a B. A. in Communications from Southern Arkansas University.

“When we pivot, transition, and win, it means to take these unexpected unplanned-for moments in life, accept them, make the best of them, and become a better person because of them, not
despite them.”

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