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Ready, Set, Goals: 10 Ways Setting Goals Promotes Self-Confidence

Oct 14, 2022

Everyone sets goals. The problem is only a few people who set goals do what is necessary to
achieve them – stay motivated, remain disciplined, and be consistent.

Like many, I have set goals that I didn’t achieve. Each time, I realized it was not having a plan or
sticking to the plan that caused the disconnect. That’s why when I wrote my first book, Pivot to
Win, I knew it would require consistency over time to complete the project.

Goal setting can be challenging to develop new routines, become more disciplined, and reap
rewards of success.

When it comes to setting goals, we know there isn’t just one way to create a winning formula.
When you achieve your goals, you’re suddenly in a new zone. That means that each goal you hit
is like a healthy dose of dopamine, and suddenly you want and believe you can do more. It’s
because you can!

The key is to get clarity and create a system for success. You’ve got to approach this like your
life depends on it. Well, because it does. Your future does.

Here are ten ways goal setting promotes self-confidence.

1. Develops Self-Efficacy

  • Setting and achieving specific and challenging goals are associated with the
    growth and belief in one’s own skills and abilities

2. Increases Performance

  • Goal setting requires effort and elicits a sense of personal satisfaction

3. Rid Ambiguity

  • Specific goals are less ambiguous in terms of what constitutes success metrics

4. Belief

  • When we achieve challenging goals, we are more likely to find value in the

5. Mental Stamina

  • The focus required to achieve goals encourages the passion for persisting with a
    task for more extended periods of time

6. Commitment & Dedication

  • The more specific and challenging the goal, the more buy-in an individual will
    commit to it

7. Become More Agile

  • Setting goals helps to motivate individuals to search for better strategies and
    remain solution-oriented

8. Energizes Performance

  • Goal setting is a powerful contributor to “being in the zone,” the state in which
    individuals use momentum to accomplish activities

9. Motivates People to Persist

  • When challenges arise, having a clear picture of your goal will help you persist
    despite the difficulty

10. Drives Focus

  • Having a clear picture of your goal helps focus on the behaviors needed to be

We know how hard it is to stick to a goal plan, but it’s possible. And not only is it possible, it has
great rewards.

Many people have used this formula to crush their goals.

If you’re still unsure, perhaps not achieving your goals is more significant to the lifestyle you
want for yourself and your family. Not setting goals and sticking to them will keep you feeling
like you’re behind. I’ve been there. Not setting goals will leave you:

  • Feeling unfulfilled
  • Not see significant results
  • Wonder if you’re missing out

Not anymore! The time is now. And it’s your time to get the results for the work you’ve put in.
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Your Coach,
Jordan Babineaux, MBA, CPC

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