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Is Your Leadership Style Producing the Results You Desire?

Oct 14, 2022

The way we think about leadership has changed. It is no longer “do what I say because I’m the boss.” Instead, in the current climate of leading organizations and teams, leaders must possess the skills of collaboration and implementation.

Leaders are challenged to collaborate with their teams. In a global work-from-home hybrid environment, employee engagement is easily compromised.

At JB & Associates, we take your leadership style to collaborate and implement seriously. That’s
why we are helping leaders like you use their leadership styles to be more effective.

There are many types of leadership styles and ways to lead your employees.

Here are six leadership styles that determine the type of leader you are.

6 Leadership Styles that Produce Results

Results Leader
A results leader is a pacesetter. They set high goals and expectations for themselves and others. This type of leader is results-driven, competitive, and tenacious. Results leaders may have little patience for poor performers. They believe in modeling and hold high standards.

People Leader
People leaders are skilled in building and maintaining nurturing relationships. People leaders love to focus on team morale and engagement. People leaders tend to reward adequate performance. However, they may be opposed to giving negative feedback.

Process Leader
Process leaders focus on creating, following, and enforcing policies and procedures. These types of leaders are good planners and follow through on commitments. Process leaders must be aware not to micro-manage.

Thought Leader
Thought leaders rely on creativity and innovation in their leadership style. Generally, thought leaders have a strategic problem-solving approach. They are visionaries and develop the long-term implications of the company.

Social Leader
Social leaders have excellent skills in communicating and networking. They are great at developing connections. Social leaders think collaboratively and build networks within the organization. Anyone with this leadership style can quickly motivate and engage their staff.
Data Leader
 Data leaders rely heavily on the data when it comes to decision-making. They need facts, in most cases, to move forward. Data leaders analyze relationships between variables. This type of leader can identify data trends.

There is no exact formula for being an effective leader. Instead, great leaders learn to leverage
their dominant leadership style and when to adapt to situations.

Our talent development services are helping everyday leaders grow to become more effective.
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Your Coach,
Jordan Babineaux, MBA, CPC

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