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4 Ways to Overcome Adversity & Achieve Significant Breakthroughs

Oct 11, 2022

Uncertainty has plagued the progress of humanity. Due to the pandemic, we have all had to
pivot personally and professionally. Change is constant. But the speed of change today is
creating more anxiety and tension than ever before.

I remember retiring from the NFL. It was one of the biggest challenges for me. I had to redefine
success. It was no longer putting on a jersey, making big plays, or tackling Tony Romo before
running into the endzone. The doubt, confusion, and ambiguity clouded my thoughts. I relied
on a few key strategies to clarify my purpose and refocus.

We have faced the most challenging moments in human history – the Covid-19 pandemic,
recession, great resignation, job loss, increased debt, and business closures. Our world is still
navigating change and the implications of an economic downturn. No wonder people are
experiencing fear, anger, and anxiety. Anyone going through change and loss would feel this
way when people discuss their emotional state.

Here are four strategies that have enabled me to overcome adversity and achieve significant
results. These four tips serve as my compass during surreal times. You can apply them to your
business and personal life.

Four Strategies to Overcome Adversity and Achieve Significant Breakthroughs
1. Plant the Seed
When you plant the seed to achieve something, you create a vision. Vision is the
primary motivation for human action. It pulls you into the future. Having a vision allows
you to create and invent something that does not exist. Plant the seed is the most
powerful strategy. It ignites passion and transcends your fears and doubts.
If all we see is what we see with our eyes, we cannot see all there is to be seen.
2. Reset at Ground 0
Ground zero is when you take time and space to reflect on what matters most – values,
purpose-driven goals, impact. Ground zero invites us to reset and forces us to embrace
change. Change is tough. As Charles Darwin uttered, “It’s not the strongest to survive,
nor is the most intelligent. It is the one who is most adaptable to change.”
3. Beef Up Your Mind
In weight lifting, one of the ways to prevent injury and spur recovery is to beef up the
muscles – repeatedly putting the muscle under intense pressure. Cultivating mental
strength is similar to performing physical reps. Courage in the face of fear is muscle growth. Trying again after you fail is muscle growth. Whether you’re an athlete or not,
we all experience the battle between the body and mind.
4. Have a Slice
We’ve all had to eat this slice of humble pie. I’ve learned a lot through trial, and mostly
error and hubris. But, in hindsight, it was humility that dismantled obstacles and allowed
me to get out of my way. The challenge in having a slice is to let go of what you cannot
control. Life will humble us all.

These four strategies can be used individually or in combination. However, the connection
between these tips and how well you practice these strategies is when the magic happens. If
you choose not to act on these ideas to overcome adversity, you risk being stuck, blaming
others, and living an unhealthy lifestyle.

That’s right. Applying these four strategies could be the difference between:

  • Getting in the game to fulfill your destiny or sitting on the sideline
  • Building healthy habits or risk living stressed and unhappy
  • Living a life by design (you create the life you want) or by default (you get what life gives

To create significant change, it will take bold action and uncomfortable moments. We must
navigate endings and embrace new beginnings.

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